Where I Work: ABACUS IT


“Aging with Attitude” is our motto at “ABACUS IT”. This motto means different things to different people, but it all comes down to our mission to help seniors learn and use technology so they can live better in the digital age.

ABACUS IT is the agency-based Technology Services, an AARP charitable affiliate where I currently work as senior digital community relations and product specialist. To me, our motto means we get better with age.

I was born in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, a country with a culture of profound respect for elders. In my culture, aging is a sign of wisdom and power. The governance of the family is a gerontocracy. Younger members of the family have an innate duty to care for their elders and to follow their lead. It’s why I was drawn to ABACUS IT and why I’m proud of the work I do here.

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